What Happens When You Violate Probation For OVI?

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The probation officer will decide whether he or she wants to violate you.  They will likely call you to set up a time to meet.

When you first meet with probation they will review the sentence with you.  They will also have you sign a form showing that you have been put on notice of the rules of probation.

Failure to comply with the rules is a violation.  You have have a hearing within about a week of the violation.

Often, most probation officers will not violate you for one offense.  Most will cite to several violations at once.

At the court date you will be asked whether you admit or deny the allegations.  If you deny them, the court will have a brief hearing where the probation officer will testify about the facts of the violations of your OVI in Dayton, Ohio.

The judge that sentenced you on the OVI in Dayton will then best decide what to do about it.  The judge will likely reinstate you back on probation if this is your first violation and you can bring proof of completion of as much as you can, ie payment of fines, attendance of programs, etc.

Conviction of a new alcohol or drug related offense, testing positive for drug or alcohol, or failure to attend treatment or probation meetings will likely result in more severe punishment or jail.

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