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Obtaining Car Insurance After a DUI

Written by Rob Healey on March 20, 2015 in DUI Law, DUI Penalties, Local Courts

To some, being convicted of DUI may seem like a catastrophe that carries life-long penalties. In reality, while the repercussions may seem severe at first, they may be overcome with diligence and the help of an experienced attorney. Many are aware the it may be more difficult to obtain car insurance in the aftermath of …Read More »

Why You Should Oppose Annie’s Law

Written by Rob Healey on April 3, 2014 in DUI Law

Up front: This blog is not meant in any way to disrespect the family and friends of Annie Rooney who, in her loving memory, have promoted Annie’s Law with nothing but good intentions and concern for public safety. That said, here is why it is permissible for you to oppose Annie’s Law, an Ohio Bill …Read More »

Summer Is Grill Out Weather

Written by Rob Healey on June 6, 2013 in DUI Law

When you grill out most people enjoy a beer with their food.  While this is acceptable behavior, you might get in trouble if you drive home. You have no way of knowing when you will be over the limit.  If you refuse all the tests you can still be arrested for an OVI in Dayton, …Read More »

Kevin Hart DUI

Written by Rob Healey on April 27, 2013 in DUI Law In this article, ABC published that Kevin Hart got a DUI.  cal said this is a wake up call for him. They say this is a first offense for him.  In Dayton Ohio a DUI first offense carries a minimum 3 days in jail, $375 fine, 6 points on your license, and 6 month suspension.   …Read More »

What Is Under The Influence?

Written by Rob Healey on March 24, 2012 in DUI Law

In an Ohio OVI case the jury will hear instructions on the case.  Here is the jury instruction in an OVI case where the allegation is operating under the influence: UNDER THE INFLUENCE. A person is under the influence of (alcohol) (a drug of abuse) (a combination of alcohol and a drug of abuse) when he consumes (alcohol) …Read More »