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Can You Appeal A DUI or OVI

Written by Rob Healey on January 11, 2013 in OVI Rights

When can a DUI or OVI be appealed in Dayton, Ohio?  It depends. If the court throws out a breath test the prosecutor can appeal right away if they allege that their case has been damaged so much that they cannot go forward and the appeal if not being made to delay the proceedings. If …Read More »

Preserve Your Innocence

Written by Rob Healey on January 9, 2012 in OVI Rights, SFSTs

Dayton DUI and OVI Defense Lawyers at Suhre & Associates will consult with you to determine the best ways to protect your innocence.  We look to see if you can be found not guilty before we consider a plea. Our OVI attorneys in Dayton will be able to show you how the police made mistakes …Read More »