I presented at the Annual Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, or OACDL, Advanced OVI Seminar in Columbus last week. I focused on changes if the Ohio Administrative Code, OAC.

The OAC regulates how blood, breath, and urine testing is to be conducted in cases that are being prosecuted for DUI in Ohio. The vast majority of changes were actually brought about earlier than the scheduled review dates because of litigation challenging the Intoxilizer 8000 breath test machine by DUI attorneys in Ohio.
There was a great group effort by members of the OACDL in challenging the 8000. This resulted in many breath test charges being thrown out by Municipal Courts in Ohio.

I look forward to speaking again and helping other criminal lawyers with their DUI cases. I like to think of it as continuing a tradition of DUI lawyers working together in Ohio to make ourselves better as a whole.

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