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Is Public Urination a Crime in Dayton, Ohio?

Public urination is seen by many as a minor offense, but it can carry surprising legal ramifications and is often misunderstood by the general public. Due to its perceived insignificance, many individuals may not realize the potential penalties or social consequences of being charged with this act. In Dayton, Ohio, as in many cities across… read more

When Does Cyberbullying Become a Crime in Ohio?

Cyberbullying is also known as digital harassment or e-bullying. It is bullying that takes place over electronic or digital devices, including cell phones, tablets, and computers. Cyberbullying can take the form of texts, videos, GIFs, blogs, or other online and digital media.  Ohio does not have a specific law making cyberbullying illegal. However, cyberbullying becomes… read more

Ohio Faces Enforcement Challenges with New Marijuana Laws

Ohio has recently become one of the newest states to legalize recreational marijuana possession and use within its borders. Issue 2, which voters overwhelmingly passed in the November election, went into effect on December 7. But there are still several issues policymakers have to work out in the bill. Some Ohioans may face unfair DUI… read more

Do I Need a DUI Defense Lawyer if I Was Barely Over the Legal Limit?

The short answer to this question is usually ‘yes’, for more than one reason. Attempting to defend yourself against a Dayton DUI (OVI) charge without a lawyer is like a gladiator walking into a stadium to face hungry lions.  The Ohio criminal justice system is competitive, adversarial, complex, and relentless. The ultimate disposition of your… read more

Why OVI Checkpoints Are Legal in Ohio

OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs) checkpoints are legal in Ohio and are typically enforced by the local police departments or sheriff’s offices – mainly on weekends and nights. These checkpoints aim to identify impaired drivers for public safety purposes. A central point of contention arises with regard to how… read more

The Steps of a Criminal Trial in Ohio

If you’re a criminal defendant in Ohio, understanding how the state’s court system works is critical to building your defense strategy. The process typically begins with an arrest or citation, in which case you will then be brought to the police station and ‘booked.’ This is where the criminal court process really starts. Here’s what’s… read more

Consequences Of Multiple OVI Charges In Dayton, OH

While many states have laws regarding driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), others have enacted laws centered on operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI). In Ohio, this can apply to impairment by alcohol, drugs, or both while operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, driving while impaired can be dangerous drivers, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians,… read more

OVI Voir Dire: How To Pick a Jury in an OVI Case

Selecting a jury is an integral part of any OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence) trial. The process can significantly shape the course and, ultimately, the outcome of your case. While the evidence presented in an OVI case matters tremendously, it’s not just what you present but to whom. The individuals that make up… read more

What Proof Is Needed for a Restraining Order in Dayton, OH?

Taking out a restraining order can play a crucial role in protecting individuals who feel threatened. It aims to deter potential harm by legally restricting contact with the concerned individual. However, before any limitations can be imposed on someone’s freedom, courts in Dayton require clear evidence to justify such action. As a potential defendant or… read more

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer to Fight Misdemeanor Charges?

No matter how minor an offense may seem, every criminal charge carries potential consequences.  Misdemeanors, while considered lesser offenses compared to felonies, can still pose substantial short-term and long-term consequences. Additionally, beyond immediate legal punishments lie further reaching implications that come with having a criminal record. Don’t let the misdemeanor label mislead you into thinking… read more