Criminal Defense

Can I Shoot Someone in Ohio Who Is Trying To Steal My Car?

When someone is trying to steal your vehicle in Ohio, using deadly force may not be justifiable based on self-defense laws alone. Self-defense with a firearm should be employed when facing an imminent threat of serious bodily harm rather than solely to protect property. There have been cases where vehicle owners have been criminally charged… read more

5 Tips For Choosing the Best Dayton Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you face legal trouble in Dayton, your most important choice is selecting a good criminal defense attorney. A good attorney knows how to build a strong criminal defense. They might get your charges reduced or even dropped entirely. On the other hand, an ineffective lawyer won’t do much to improve your outcome.  Here are… read more

What Is a Disposition Hearing in Criminal Court?

Being arrested for a crime can be frightening, especially when you are not familiar with the criminal courts and the process of prosecuting crimes. Misdemeanor charges are generally handled through plea agreements. However, if you are charged with a felony, your case may not be as easy to resolve. Felony convictions have severe penalties. If… read more

The Five Easiest Ways To Have Your Criminal Case Dismissed in Ohio

There are many ways to have a criminal case dismissed in the State of Ohio. This blog post will cover five of the easiest ways, with the intent of arming you with valuable information should you find yourself facing criminal charges. Insufficient Probable Cause An arrest cannot be made without probable cause, nor can a… read more

How Does Parole Work in Ohio?

Being convicted of a criminal offense and sentenced to prison does not necessarily mean you will serve your entire prison sentence. Some inmates are eligible for parole.  Parole is the conditional release of a prisoner before the end of their prison sentence. A parole officer generally supervises the parolee during parole. If the parolee violates… read more

Criminal Trespass

Most people don’t know that you can go to jail for trespassing in Ohio. We think of trespassing as a “minor” crime that will only result in a slap on the wrist or a fine in the worst-case scenario. These beliefs are mistaken. While criminal trespass isn’t as serious as theft crimes, sex crimes, or… read more

The Basics of Assault and Battery Laws in Dayton, OH

You may have heard “assault and battery” frequently used in movies and TV shows. However, Ohio does not have a criminal battery statute. Rather, assault and battery are both covered under Ohio’s assault statutes.  In Ohio, there are four different types of assault charges. From least to most serious, these charges are: Negligent Assault Assault… read more

What Does Bar Stand for in the Bar Exam, or Bar Association?

Curious about what Bar stands for in the Bar Exam or Bar Association? In this blog, Dayton criminal defense lawyers at Suhre & Associates explain what you need to know. The History of the term “Bar” The history of the term “Bar” goes a long way back. If you have ever seen a courtroom, you… read more

Tips for an Effective Character Letter for a Judge

If you have been convicted of a crime and facing a sentencing hearing, you may want to talk to your Dayton criminal defense lawyer about character letters. Effective character letters can help sway the judge to order a lighter sentence. In addition, if character witnesses are not permitted at your sentencing hearing, a character letter… read more

The Best States for Responsible Gun Owners

The Dayton criminal defense attorneys at Suhre & Associates put together a list of the best states for responsible gun owners. Good defense attorneys spend a great deal of time studying firearm laws and self defense rules.  Likewise, law abiding gun owners worry a lot about the political and regulatory environment where they live. After… read more