Ohio Law

Is CBD Oil Legal in Ohio?

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding CBD oil and its possible health benefits ever since a 2018 federal law decriminalized its use. As in almost every other state, it is legal to buy, sell, or possess CBD oil in Ohio. However, before you decide to use CBD oil, it’s important to know what CBD… read more

Is It Legal to Drive Barefoot in Ohio?

There are many public places in Ohio where you cannot go barefoot. However, it is legal to drive a car in Ohio without shoes. No federal or state laws make it illegal to drive barefoot in any state in the country. However, that does not mean you could not be charged with a crime or… read more

Is it Legal to Own a Pet Tiger in Ohio?

Ohio has some of the strictest wild animal laws in the United States, in part because of a tragic incident in 2011, which resulted in the death of dozens of wild animals in Zanesville, Ohio. The owner of an exotic zoo in Zanesville released the animals before committing suicide. The incident prompted legislators to take… read more

Is it Legal to Have a Pet Sloth In Ohio?

Ohio has an extensive list of wild animals that are banned as pets. Even though Ohio has some of the strictest laws regarding ownership of exotic animals as pets, sloths are actually not on the list. However, just because you can own a sloth in Ohio does not mean that you should. Sloths are wild… read more