Title IX

What’s the Difference Between a Title IX Case and a Criminal Case?

Title IX and criminal complaints are two different methods of responding to allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment, and other violations in educational settings. Both types of complaints are serious, and it’s important to understand the differences between the two processes and the impact an allegation can have on your future.  Title IX is a federal… read more

Title IX: Understanding Affirmative Consent

When allegations of sexual misconduct arise, the consequences can be severe for all parties involved. In the context of schools and universities, an important federal law comes into play to safeguard students from such abuse: Title IX.  This law mandates that any educational institution receiving federal funding cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. This… read more

An Update on the Biden Administration’s Title IX Proposed Rule

On June 22, 2022, the Biden Administration released the proposed changes to the Title IX Regulations for public comment. The release date coincided with the 50th anniversary of Title IX.  The public had 60 days to comment on the proposed changes. As of the September 12, 2022, deadline, over 238,000 comments were submitted.  The next… read more

Are Title IX Complaints Public?

In a nutshell, Title IX is a federal statute that prohibits sex discrimination in any educational program receiving federal funding. It is a civil rights law that courts have interpreted broadly to include issues such as campus sexual harassment and sexual assault. A Title IX complaint can even set the stage for federal criminal charges…. read more

Definitions and Examples of Title IX Violations

Title IX is an important piece of legislation that protects people from gender discrimination. It applies to all educational institutions that receive federal funds, including colleges, universities, and elementary schools. The law is designed to give individuals the right to participate in activities on the basis of their gender or sex without facing any prejudice… read more