Sex Crimes

Indecent Exposure Laws in Ohio

Indecent exposure carries significant implications, making it important to understand the exact elements of this crime in Ohio and the possible defenses that an attorney can raise if you find yourself facing charges.  What Is Indecent Exposure in Ohio?  In Ohio, the term used to describe incidents that would commonly be classified as indecent exposure… read more

Is Public Urination a Crime in Dayton, Ohio?

Public urination is seen by many as a minor offense, but it can carry surprising legal ramifications and is often misunderstood by the general public. Due to its perceived insignificance, many individuals may not realize the potential penalties or social consequences of being charged with this act. In Dayton, Ohio, as in many cities across… read more

Understanding Definitions of Sex Crimes

Navigating sex crime charges can be challenging, given their nuanced definitions and legal complexities. To begin with, it’s crucial to understand some terms that are used in sex crimes in Ohio. Sexual Conduct This term refers to certain actions being taken without obtaining another individual’s consent, including vaginal intercourse, fellatio (oral stimulation), cunnilingus (oral stimulation… read more

Ohio Prostitution Charges

Prostitution is illegal in Ohio. Courts treat prostitution charges seriously. If you are facing prostitution charges or have been arrested for related criminal offenses, you need to understand the following facts about Ohio prostitution charges. What Are the Main Prostitution Laws in Ohio? You could be charged with several prostitution-related offenses in Ohio. Some of… read more

Are Sex Offenders Required To Notify Neighbors and Employers in Ohio?

Being accused of a sex offense in Ohio is a life-changing experience. As a defendant, it is crucial that you understand the laws surrounding sex offenses and registration, your responsibilities, and how to protect your rights. You Are Not Personally Required To Notify Neighbors Certain individuals convicted of sex crimes in Ohio have a duty… read more

Can a Computerized Test Pinpoint Potential Sex Offenders?

Every parent’s worst nightmare is that their child might be targeted and harmed by a sex offender. And in the family-oriented community of Dayton, OH, the safety of the city’s children is paramount.  The problem is that it’s impossible to tell whether someone is a sex offender just by looking at them. Sex offenders can… read more

Consequences of Sex Offender Registry Violations

If you’ve been convicted of a sex crime in Ohio, chances are that you are required to register as a sex offender. Even though you are no longer in jail, being on the sex offender registry can significantly impact your freedom. Unfortunately, many people fail to keep up with the demands of the sex offender… read more

How Far Is 1000 Feet Within a School Area in Miles?

If you ask this question, you are probably trying to determine how far away someone on the sex offender registry list must live from a school. One mile equals 5,280 feet. Therefore, someone on the sex offender registry in Ohio can live within one mile of a school. Prohibiting an Offender From Living Near Schools… read more

How to Prove Innocence When Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

In the state of Ohio and around the country, sexual assault comes with serious consequences. If convicted of sexual assault, an individual might face lengthy prison sentences and have to enroll as a convicted sex offender. The latter punishment can stay with you for life and make it difficult to apply for a job or… read more

What Is The Age Of Consent In Ohio?

The legal age of consent in Ohio is 16 years. Generally, anyone under the age of 16 years is considered by law to lack the legal capacity to engage in sexual acts. Even if you believe the person to be older than 16 years of age, you can still be charged with a sex crime…. read more