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What to Do if pulled Over for an OVI

Police officers in Ohio need only reasonable suspicion that you may be driving under the influence of alcohol in order to pull you over and investigate. In Ohio, the charge of driving while intoxicated is referred to as operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or OVI. So, what do you do… read more

What Is A Pretrial?

If you hire a lawyer for your DUI or OVI in Dayton, Ohio, you will have a pretrial.  A pretrial is your lawyers first chance to have a meaningful meeting with the prosecutor and sometimes the judge about an OVI. This is informal.  There are sometimes officers present, but they will not be called to give any… read more

How To Get The Best OVI Deals

The best results on a Dayton OVI are obtained when an experienced lawyer fights your case.  This is because the normal guiding principals of the prosecutor no longer apply. I have mentioned this in consultations with new client’s for years.  It does not matter what you did, it only matters what the prosecutor can prove…. read more