The best results on a Dayton OVI are obtained when an experienced lawyer fights your case.  This is because the normal guiding principals of the prosecutor no longer apply.

I have mentioned this in consultations with new client’s for years.  It does not matter what you did, it only matters what the prosecutor can prove.

The prosecutor is not going to take time to give the facts of your cases an honest appraisal until the day of the hearing or trial.  Not to mention the fact that the prosecutor will have a tough time if some or all of their witnesses are a no show.

This is even more true when one or more witnesses are non-police officers.  I have even had a judge pull myself and the prosecutor into chambers after an hour and a half of opening questions from me to the officer and tell the prosecutor to call his boss for approval to reduce the charge from an OVI to a non-OVI offense since the officer testified so poorly.

I consistently get better deals than other lawyers can at pretrials because I am able to establish real defects in the state’s case at hearings and trials.  This gets my DUI and OVI clients better deals than were being offered to them at the beginning of the case.

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