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An OVI charge in Dayton, Ohio is the same thing as a DUI. In 2003 Ohio enacted legislation that lowered the per se or legal alcohol limit from .10 to .08 BAC. In 2004 Ohio changed the name to Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. This has come to be known today as OVI. The new statute added more things to the definition of “vehicle” than prior definitions that involved only “motor vehicles.”

An OVI can be charged when the officer believes you are impaired by drugs or alcohol. You can also be separately charged with OVI for having a prohibited concentration of drugs or alcohol in your body. Early in 2000 Ohio introduced high-tier OVI prohibited concentrations where your blood alcohol level registers over .17 by whole blood or breath.

The defenses to OVI are the same as that for DUI. You will notice on your citation or ticket that it says OVI. The best way to defend an OVI case in the Dayton Ohio area is to challenge the stop. If the stop is found to be invalid all the evidence flowing from that stop. Examples include: the odor of alcohol, blood-shot eyes, admissions of drinking, field sobriety tests, and chemical tests by blood, breath, or urine, can all be suppressed or excluded from being used against you at trial.

My firm has defended OVI cases in almost every court in the Dayton and surrounding area. We are also experienced with representing clients that work for the Air Force or are employed on Wright Patterson Air Force Base. We can interact with assigned legal counsel which is not always available in a person on base. We have experience working closely with appointed counsel from Langley and avoiding transfer of jurisdiction from municipal court to the base.

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