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Have you been accused of sexual assault or harassment at a college or university in Dayton, OH?

You should act fast to protect your rights. Higher education institutions are notorious for showing bias toward the alleged victim.

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Our legal team has over 100 years of experience in criminal law. We’ll use our extensive skills and resources to demonstrate your innocence and get you a fair outcome. 

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Title IX Defense Attorneys in Dayton, Ohio 

Title IX Defense Attorneys in Dayton, Ohio 

An experienced Dayton sex offense attorney can be your greatest asset if you’re facing a sexual misconduct complaint at your institution. They can ensure your institution respects your due process rights and provides you with notice and an opportunity to be heard. 

Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers has over a century of combined experience handling criminal law cases. We have former police officers and prosecutors on our team. We know how to build your defense and give you the best shot at a favorable outcome. 

When you hire us to defend you in a Title IX case, we will:

  • Advise you on your rights
  • Review your institution’s Title IX policies and procedures to ensure it follows them
  • Analyze the school’s code of conduct to understand the alleged violations
  • Investigate the incident to gather evidence showing your innocence
  • Speak to witnesses to corroborate your version of events
  • Represent you in any hearing and appeals related to the complaint
  • Take your case to court if the institution demonstrates gender bias or makes an erroneous decision

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What is Title IX?

What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a civil rights law that applies to institutions that accept federal funds. The law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in a federally-funded institution’s programs, services, or activities. Title IX imposes a duty on colleges and universities to take reasonable measures to protect students from sexual violence and harassment on campus. 

Most post-secondary institutions have Title IX offices to address complaints of sexual misconduct on campus. Colleges and universities that fail to properly respond to complaints of sexual violence/harassment may violate Title IX. The United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights enforces Title IX in higher education and can assess sanctions against schools that fail to comply.

What Can a Title IX Defense Lawyer Do For You?

A Title IX defense lawyer can assist you in a variety of ways if you’re facing disciplinary action for alleged sexual misconduct at your institution. 

You can rely on your lawyer to: 

  • Explain your rights and options for defending yourself during the process
  • Ensure that your institution provides you with due process, including notice of the charges against you and an opportunity to be heard
  • Gather and present evidence demonstrating your innocence 
  • Represent you during the disciplinary hearings and appeals conducted by your institution
  • Initiate a Title IX lawsuit if your institution unfairly finds you responsible for sexual misconduct

Our legal team can put more than 100 years of combined experience behind your case. We’ll use proven investigative and defense-building techniques to give you the best shot at a fair outcome. Contact us today to schedule a free case review.

Steps of the Title IX Disciplinary Process 

The Title IX process can look slightly different depending on the policies and procedures that an institution uses. However, they generally follow these steps:

  • The accuser (also known as the “complainant”) files a complaint that they were sexually assaulted or harassed by the accused (also known as the “respondent”) 
  • The Title IX office will assign an investigator to investigate the complaint
  • The investigator will talk to the complainant and respondent, speak to witnesses, and gather evidence
  • The investigator will present their findings in an initial report and disseminate them to the parties
  • The institution will conduct a hearing to determine whether the respondent is responsible for sexual misconduct
  • The institution will sanction the respondent if it finds them responsible (with suspension, expulsion, etc.)

The respondent will have an opportunity to appeal the decision of the hearing board to another administrator at the university. If they are unsuccessful, they may have the opportunity to file a Title IX lawsuit alleging gender bias or erroneous outcome.

What Are the Best Title IX Defense Strategies?

What Are the Best Title IX Defense Strategies?

Suhre & Associates DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers will employ many different strategies to defend you in Title IX disciplinary proceedings. We’ve successfully used these strategies in countless criminal defense cases.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may attempt to show that:

  • The sexual relationship between you and the complainant was consensual
  • The complainant had a motive to fabricate the complaint
  • The evidence of the alleged assault or harassment is unreliable
  • You have an alibi for the time and date of the incident
  • That the university failed to follow its Title IX procedures in investigating the complaint

We can develop a strong defense strategy when you contact us to schedule your free consultation with a Dayton Title IX lawyer. Call now or submit an online contact form to schedule yours.

Colleges and Universities in Dayton, OH:

There are many colleges and universities in Dayton, Ohio. Contact us today if you’ve been accused at sexual misconduct at any Dayton, OH education institution, including:

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