Court Process

What You Need To Know About Expungement in Dayton, Ohio

Expungement is a legal process where the court clears all references to a person’s criminal record. Sometimes it is called “sealing” your record. If eligible, one can expunge criminal charges, records of arrest, dismissed charges, acquittals, and even convictions.  When you expunge your record, it’s as though it never happened. This can make it easier… read more

What Does “Motion for Discovery” Actually Mean in a Docket Entry?

Not all cases are won by a stunning reveal at trial. Instead, the details may be locked inside a police report, a witness statement, or another piece of evidence, which may help prove your innocence or defense.  Your criminal defense lawyer may file various motions in your case. One important one is the “motion for… read more

Man Faces Seven Years in Prison After 10th OVI Conviction

Springfield resident James Burkitt was recently sentenced to seven years in prison for his most recent OVI conviction. The steep sentence was imposed after it was discovered this most recent OVI conviction was his seventh since 1996 and his tenth since 1988. (In other words, Mr. Burkitt averaged an OVI conviction every 2.6 years for… read more

Winning Motions Vs. Trials

What does winning a motion on a DUI or OVI case in Dayton, Ohio mean?  Not much maybe. When you win a motion to say exclude a breath test that is good.  However, the prosecutor has the ability to appeal the trial court’s decision to the court of appeals. If the court of appeals disagrees… read more

Kettering OVI Process

So you have been charged with an OVI or more commonly referred to as a DUI in Kettering, OH and want to know what will happen?  The lawyers at our firm can help set your mind at ease. When you hire one of our Kettering, Ohio DUI attorney’s we will notify the court.  Most times you will not… read more

What Is A Pretrial?

If you hire a lawyer for your DUI or OVI in Dayton, Ohio, you will have a pretrial.  A pretrial is your lawyers first chance to have a meaningful meeting with the prosecutor and sometimes the judge about an OVI. This is informal.  There are sometimes officers present, but they will not be called to give any… read more