Navigating sex crime charges can be challenging, given their nuanced definitions and legal complexities. To begin with, it’s crucial to understand some terms that are used in sex crimes in Ohio.

Sexual Conduct

This term refers to certain actions being taken without obtaining another individual’s consent, including vaginal intercourse, fellatio (oral stimulation), cunnilingus (oral stimulation on a female), and anal intercourse between any individuals, regardless of their relationship status.

Sexual Contact

This act involves targeting an erogenous zone on someone else to derive personal sexual gratification. 

Sexual Activity

This term encompasses sexual conduct and sexual contact, referring to a broad category of actions that can include anything from touching another person’s erogenous zone for personal arousal to engaging in non-consensual intercourse.

Types of Sex Crimes in Ohio

In Ohio, several distinct sex offenses are recognized by the law. The specific charge depends on the nature of the sexual activity involved, the defendant’s criminal history, and details regarding the alleged victim, among others. Here’s a brief overview of some of the most commonly charged sex crimes in Ohio: 


Under Ohio law, rape involves non-consensual sexual intercourse (which requires penetration, however slight) between individuals.

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery criminalizes various different activities. For example, it is illegal for anyone to engage in sexual conduct with another person who isn’t their spouse in the following circumstances: 

  • The defendant knows that the alleged victim is impaired and, therefore, cannot consent. 
  • The defendant is the alleged victim’s parent (biological or adoptive), stepparent, guardian, or custodian.
  • The defendant is a teacher, coach, or person of authority who works in a school the alleged victim attends.

This is not an exhaustive list of the activities prohibited under sexual battery laws in Ohio, but it provides an overview of some of the types of behavior that are considered illegal. 

Unlawful Sexual Conduct With a Minor 

Engaging in any form of sexual activity is deemed unlawful if it involves children 13 or older but younger than 16, regardless of whether “consent” was provided. This is because those under 16 cannot legally provide consent.

Gross Sexual Imposition

Gross sexual imposition is charged when the accused forces two people to engage in sexual activity with each other without their consent. The fact that the offender isn’t involved in the act does not make it legal.


Voyeurism is an invasion of privacy crime that involves illicitly spying on people during their engagement with intimate activities like changing clothes or engaging in private acts.

Public Indecency 

Public indecency involves exposure of certain body parts or conducting sexual activities in public spaces where such conduct is deemed inappropriate or offensive. 

When confronted with these complex and serious kinds of charges, it becomes imperative to consult with a lawyer who is well-versed in all aspects of Ohio sex crime laws.

Penalties for Sex Crimes in Ohio

Sex crimes in Ohio carry hefty penalties, often significantly impacting an accused’s life for a very long time – sometimes forever. The severity of charging and sentencing depends on factors like the specific crime committed – whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony – any existing criminal history, the age of the victim, and other relevant factors. Potential penalties include: 


Depending on the seriousness of the offense, convictions may result in imprisonment ranging from a few days or weeks to several decades—even life for repeated sex offenses.


Courts might impose probation sentences alongside or instead of imprisonment. These orders involve complying with certain court-determined rules and reporting to a probation officer over an assigned period of time.

Sex Offender Registry

Being convicted of a sex crime could lead to mandatory registration on the sex offender registry, publicizing the defendant’s personal information. This includes their home address, the car they drive, the nature of the crime, and other personal details. In some cases, individuals convicted of sex crimes will be required to register for life. Others may only have to register for 15 years.


Fines might be imposed on individuals convicted of a sex crime, which could range from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

An Experienced Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Can Help

Given the dire consequences that come with sex crime convictions and their ability to drastically alter one’s life, working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer is critical if you’re facing similar charges. 

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