When you face legal trouble in Dayton, your most important choice is selecting a good criminal defense attorney. A good attorney knows how to build a strong Criminal Defense . They might get your charges reduced or even dropped entirely. On the other hand, an ineffective lawyer won’t do much to improve your outcome. 

Here are five tips for choosing the best Dayton criminal defense lawyer. When you know how to vet your lawyer, you can feel confident that your legal outcome is in good hands. 

1. Look at Their Practice Area

Your first consideration when choosing a criminal defense lawyer in Dayton should be their practice area. This analysis helps narrow down the options so that you can focus on the lawyer with the experience best suited to your case. 

Not all criminal defense attorneys are the same. Many lawyers practice multiple types of law. A firm that accepts criminal defense cases but mostly practices family law may not possess the expertise you want on your side. 

Likewise, if you’re facing assault charges, a firm that most handles drug crimes might not be the best fit. 

2. Learn About Their History

Practice history is another important consideration. History reflects experience, and you want a lawyer who knows Ohio criminal law well. It’s important to consider a lawyer’s practice history. Questions to ask include: 

  • How long have you been practicing criminal defense? 
  • How long have you been with your firm?
  • How many years has the firm been in practice?
  • How many years have you been practicing in Dayton?

Geography is an important consideration. A lawyer new to Dayton might be experienced in criminal defense, but local knowledge does have an impact. 

A lawyer practicing in Dayton for a while will be familiar with the local court system. They’ll have relationships in the courthouse buildings and know about how the local judges tend to rule. 

3. Examine Their Track Record

The lawyer’s track record is an important consideration, especially when it comes to criminal defense cases. Look for a lawyer’s case results on cases similar to yours. Many law firms share this information on their websites. 

If you don’t see case results posted online, or you don’t see results for cases involving similar charges, you can ask the firm directly. Many firms keep a document for sharing with clients that shows the charges former clients were facing and the results procured by the team’s lawyers. 

When a lawyer has successfully defended other clients in situations similar to yours, it’s a sign that they know how to build a strong defense against your charges.   

4. See What Past Clients Say

Client reviews are another excellent way to get a feel for how well a lawyer does their job. You can start with a firm’s website, where you can often find a page of testimonials from former clients. 

However, don’t review a firm’s website alone. A lawyer’s website is designed to show the firm in a positive light, and they choose the reviews that appear there. 

For an unfiltered look at past client experiences, head elsewhere on the internet. Google ratings and legal websites will show all past client reviews, both good and bad. If you see glowing reviews online, it’s a sign that past clients really are happy with the representation they received. 

5. Consider Their Demeanor

Finally, consider a lawyer’s demeanor during your initial consultation. Are they on time, organized, and attentive? Do they ask questions about your case? Can they clearly explain your legal options?

If the answer to these questions is a yes, it’s a good sign. Also, consider factors that are important to you personally. Criminal cases can be highly stressful. If a warm and compassionate personality is an important factor, choosing a friendly and reassuring lawyer can make you feel more at ease as you work together on your case. 

Remember, your future hinges on the outcome of your criminal defense proceedings. Take the time to ask questions so you can choose the defense attorney who’s right for you.

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