Every town in America has neighborhoods that are more welcoming and inviting than others, and Dayton, Ohio is no exception.

Located in Montgomery County, which has a population of over 500,000, the 462 square miles that comprise the Dayton metropolitan area are home to various businesses, residential areas, and the nation’s largest paved bike trail network, according to the Dayton Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Data Reveals the Extent of Crime in Dayton

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2019 data compiles information on all criminal acts reported to law enforcement across the state of Ohio, including in Dayton. 

That data reveals that Dayton experienced:

  • 1,351 acts of violent crime of all types
  • 48 murders and intentional manslaughters
  • 200 instances of rape
  • 347 robberies
  • 756 aggravated assaults
  • 5,673 property crimes of all types

Based on this data, Dayton saw more violent crimes than many other cities in the Buckeye State. However, cities like Akron, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland all had higher numbers of violent crimes than Dayton.

Three of the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Dayton

The city of Dayton maintains a crime map populated with recorded instances of violent crime, including murders, manslaughters, rapes, robberies, and assaults, along with where these crimes were reported. The most dangerous neighborhoods had the highest number of reported violent crimes and included the following:

Near Ludlow Street and Jefferson Street, South of Monument Avenue

This area, which lies just east of the Miami River, is a hotbed of violent activity. In 2022, dozens of reports were made for aggravated and simple assaults, robberies, and other violent crimes. The farther south you travel away from Fourth Street, the fewer crimes are reported.

Between East Third Street and Wayne Avenue, East of South Keowee Street

Numerous assaults, aggravated assaults, and robberies were reported here during 2022 as well. The reports of criminal activity are concentrated most heavily around Highway 35, with one murder being reported in the Twin Towers neighborhood near Xenia Avenue and another near South Findlay Street.

West Dayton Near Highway 35

The neighborhoods of Miami Chapel, Edgemont, Roosevelt, and Wolf Creek all saw a combined total of five homicides in 2022. This number includes homicides near Germantown Pike south of Highway 35, McCall Street, and the Mt. Enon Baptist Church.

Safest Areas of Dayton

It’s hard to find an area of Dayton that didn’t experience some instance of reported crime in 2022. Many of the reported crimes were simple assaults, and these were spread out among all parts of the Dayton area. However, some areas didn’t experience as many reports of other violent crimes like aggravated assaults and robberies as others.

Two such neighborhoods are the South Student Neighborhood and, further south, Oakwood. Both of these areas lie south of the University of Dayton. Traveling east or west of this area leads to neighborhoods with higher numbers of reported crimes.

Another pocket of tranquility in Dayton is the area just southeast of the Highway 35 and I-75 interchange.

Although the surrounding area has seen numerous instances of reported crimes, including five homicides that were all reported to the east in the Roosevelt and Edgemont areas, the area between Durner Street and Highway 35 only had one reported instance of simple assault in 2022.

Staying Safe in Dayton, Ohio

If you’re just visiting Dayton or are a local who lives and works in the city, stay alert to your surroundings. If you’re in an especially dangerous neighborhood, try to limit your time there and leave once you’ve concluded your business.

With a little awareness, you can reduce your risk of being victimized regardless of where in the city you happen to be.

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