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Can I Go to Jail For Giving Someone Herpes?

In 2017, an Ohio woman sued her ex-boyfriend for giving her herpes, a sexually-transmitted disease (STD). In her lawsuit, she claimed that he knew that he had the disease, but failed to disclose that to her before they had sex. Now she has an STD for the rest of her life and wants him to… read more

Man Facing Charges For Aggravated Robbery of an Ohio Bank

A Cincinnati man is facing criminal charges for aggravated robbery, among other things, after allegedly holding up a U.S. Bank in West Carrolton, OH last month. According to reports, 46-year-old Aaron Lamont entered the U.S. Bank on S. Alex Road wearing a disguise. He displayed a gun while demanding cash. He was apprehended by police… read more

Do I Still Need a Lawyer If I Plan on Pleading Guilty?

If you’re facing charges for DUI or some other criminal offense and intend to plead guilty, you may be tempted to skip hiring a lawyer to represent you. That would be a big mistake – and could be a very costly one, too. Feeling overwhelmed by the legal process or merely just wanting to get… read more

Ever Heard Of A Graphing Intoxilyzer 8000?

Me neither. So this is interesting. I recently had an OVI case North of Dayton. For my readers, you know an OVI is the same as a DUI. And you also know that I tend to travel a bit all over Southwest Ohio  including the Cincinnati area fighting DUI cases. I plan to also start… read more

The Basics of Drug Crimes

There is much confusion surrounding drug offenses in Ohio. The drug laws and classifications are vast and tremendously complex so it can be quite easy to be charged with a criminal offense. If you are charged with a drug-related crime, you should contact an experienced Dayton drug crimes attorney immediately. What is a drug crime?… read more

What are the Consequences of a Second OVI in Ohio?

The state of Ohio takes operation of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol very seriously. Being charged and convicted of a single OVI can have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, many people make the same mistake twice. As with many other criminal charges, the penalties for a second  charge can be much more… read more

Obtaining Car Insurance After a DUI

To some, being convicted of DUI may seem like a catastrophe that carries life-long penalties. In reality, while the repercussions may seem severe at first, they may be overcome with diligence and the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Dayton. Many are aware it may be more difficult to obtain car insurance in… read more

What to Do if pulled Over for an OVI

Police officers in Ohio need only reasonable suspicion that you may be driving under the influence of alcohol in order to pull you over and investigate. In Ohio, the charge of driving while intoxicated is referred to as operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or OVI. So, what do you do… read more

Sobriety Checkpoints in Ohio

Sobriety checkpoints are a widely debated topic for a variety of reasons. Some people hold the belief, even though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the issue, that they violate the Constitution. For others, the actual effectiveness of sobriety checkpoints is questioned. But, regardless of your opinion of them, they are utilized in Ohio, and… read more

The Ohio Field Sobriety Test

There is no feeling quite like looking in your rearview mirror while driving to see the red and blue flashing lights of a police car. The sick feeling only intensifies when the police inform you that you are being pulled over because you are suspected of operating your vehicle while under the influence of alcohol,… read more