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Is it Legal to Have a Pet Sloth In Ohio?

Ohio has an extensive list of wild animals that are banned as pets. Even though Ohio has some of the strictest laws regarding ownership of exotic animals as pets, sloths are actually not on the list. However, just because you can own a sloth in Ohio does not mean that you should. Sloths are wild… read more

What is the Difference Between a Stay at Home Order and Martial Law?

Most of the governors in the United States have issued some form of a Stay at Home order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. There have been numerous orders issued related to the coronavirus in Ohio since Governor Mike DeWine declared a State of Emergency in Ohio on March 9, 2020. However, martial… read more

How to Deal with an Outstanding Warrant for Your Arrest

Warrants are legal orders that permit law enforcement officers to take specific actions. How you deal with an outstanding warrant can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. All warrants, regardless of whether you believe the warrant to be valid, should be taken seriously. Common Types of Warrants Arrest Warrants An arrest… read more

Can You Be Arrested for Cursing at the Police?

You might want to curse a police officer for pulling you over for a traffic infraction, but you would probably never curse an officer out loud. However, not everyone shares the same reservations about cursing at the police. While freedom of speech protects some forms of communication, cursing at the police could result in a… read more

What Is A Subpoena?

A subpoena is a tool used by parties to a legal matter, including criminal cases and civil cases. If you are facing criminal charges, it is important to use all available tools to mount a strong defense. Subpoenas Used in Ohio Criminal Cases Subpoenas are court orders. If a person fails to comply with a… read more

What Is The Age Of Consent In Ohio?

The legal age of consent in Ohio is 16 years. Generally, anyone under the age of 16 years is considered by law to lack the legal capacity to engage in sexual acts. Even if you believe the person to be older than 16 years of age, you can still be charged with a sex crime…. read more

What To Expect If You’re Arrested For Drug Possession

Being arrested for drug possession in Ohio can carry some severe penalties. Depending on the type and amount of the drug, you could face a felony charge. If you are charged with additional crimes, the penalties could increase. It can be difficult not to panic when being arrested. However, if you can remain calm, you… read more

Can Doxing Someone Get You Arrested?

If you have spent any time on the internet in recent years, you have almost certainly heard of an individual whose personal information was leaked to the public. This information can include their phone number, their home address, their place of employment, or even the names of their children. Such conduct is referred to as… read more

What Is Gross Sexual Imposition?

In July of last year, a daycare worker in nearby Troy was arrested and charged with gross sexual imposition. Because of his crime, his employers were forced to surrender their license to operate a childcare facility. Even though this charge doesn’t require the action of penetrative sex, a conviction for it can devastate your life…. read more

What Is a Criminal Defense Attorney and When Do You Need One?

Whether you’ve seen them portrayed in a gripping Hollywood blockbuster film or television show, the fictionalized depiction of a criminal defense attorney rarely matches reality. The truth of the matter, though, is that when things go south there’s no one better than a criminal defense attorney to have by your side. What’s the Definition of… read more