DUI laws in Dayton, Ohio are strict under O.R.C. 4511.19.  If convicted on a first offense you are facing mandatory jail, fines, license suspension, six points on your license, and it can never be expunged.

You will need a DUI lawyer to help you find and exploit defects in the prosecutor case.  The remedy courts use for most mistakes the police make is suppression of that evidence.

Suppression of evidence takes a skilled lawyer in the field of DUI law in Dayton, Ohio.  It also takes knowledge of how best to convince the judge that the mistake warrants the exclusion of that evidence.

If your lawyer can take away most of the prosecutor’s evidence, you will likely be able to maintain your innocence at trial or be offered a plea deal to a non-DUI offense structured in a way you cannot refuse.  A lawyer that does not limit his practice to DUI defense in the Dayton, Ohio area will not be able to spot all the issues.

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