Most often in Dayton, Ohio the answer is yes.  If you are an Ohio license holder and get charged with a DUI or OVI it is best to ask the court to drive in Ohio for work, school, medical, and vocational reasons 15 days after you test over the limit or 30 days after you refuse on a first offense.

If you have an out of state license you can still ask the court to drive in Ohio.  Ohio only has the right to suspend your right to drive in Ohio.

So you can drive outside Ohio if you are otherwise eligible on your out of state license.  If your home state suspends your license, you will be suspended everywhere unless you can get privileges in both Ohio and your home state.

However, a judge does not have to let you drive.  A judge can also let you drive with reasonable restrictions on days, times and locations.

A judge can also order a breathalyzer device on the car and or special license plates.  The plates are usually not ordered on a first offense and the breathalyzer is common for high tier tests and some refusals.

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