If you’ve been convicted of a sex crime in Ohio, chances are that you are required to register as a sex offender. Even though you are no longer in jail, being on the sex offender registry can significantly impact your freedom.

Unfortunately, many people fail to keep up with the demands of the sex offender registry. This results in violations. There can be serious consequences for sex offender registry violations. 

If you are being accused of a violation, you should contact a Dayton criminal defense lawyer immediately. 

What Is the Sex Offender Registry?

A sex offender registry is a list of convicted sex offenders in a particular state. There is a federal registry and an Ohio state sex offender registry

In Ohio, the sex offender registry includes specific information about the offender. This includes:

  • Name
  • Photograph
  • Address
  • Tier classification 
  • Physical description
  • Offenses 
  • Date of conviction
  • License plate number
  • Car make, model, and year 

Sex offenders must update this information with authorities. If they fail to, there can be serious consequences, including jail time.

Who Is Required To Register as a Sex Offender in Ohio?

The Ohio attorney general classifies sex offenders into tiers. Each sex offender has different requirements depending on the tier classification. 

Tier I

Tier I sex offenders have the lowest designation. They are required to register once a year for 15 years. 

Tier I offenses include:

  • Promoting prostitution 
  • Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor less than four years younger than the offender
  • Voyeurism
  • Use of a minor in nudity-oriented material
  • Child enticement with sexual motivation 
  • Kidnapping a child with no sexual motivation
  • Child enticement with no sexual motivation 

A Tier I sex offender can also include a juvenile adjudicated delinquent for a sexually oriented offense. 

Tier II

A Tier II sex offender has been convicted of a sex offender punishable by more than one year in prison. 

Some of the most common offenses include: 

  • Compelling prostitution
  • Pandering sexual material involving a minor 
  • Gross sexual imposition on a victim under 13
  • Kidnapping to engage in sexual activity
  • Abduction with sexual motivation
  • Soliciting for hire someone younger than 16 to engage in sexual activity 
  • Trafficking 

Tier II sex offenders must re-register and check in every 180 days for 25 years. 

Tier III

Tier III sex offenders are the most serious classification. These offenders are required to register and check in every 90 days for life. 

These offenses include:

  • Rape 
  • Sexual battery
  • Murder with sexual motivation
  • Kidnapping a minor to engage in sexual activity 
  • Gross sexual imposition
  • Felonious assault with sexual motivation
  • Voluntary manslaughter with sexual motivation

Being designated as a Tier III sex offender can be extremely burdensome.

Sex Offender Registration Duties

Sex offenders must register their home, school, and work addresses and verify them with the sheriff. They must register with the sheriff within three days of returning home or moving. The three-day requirement also includes registering where they work, attend school, or are temporarily staying for three or more days.  

If the sex offender moves, gets a new job, or changes schools, they must notify the sheriff’s department. This includes giving written notice 20 days in advance. 

Penalties For Sex Offender Registry Violations in Ohio

Failing to register, provide a change of address, or verify information results in criminal penalties. It is a distinct crime. The severity of the crime will depend on the severity of the original offense that required registration. 

For example, if the original crime was a felony of the first degree, the failure to register offense is also a felony in the first degree. If the original crime was a felony in the fifth degree or a misdemeanor, a violation is a felony in the fourth degree. As a result, the penalties can range from six months to 11 years in prison for failing to register. 

The failure to register is also considered a probation violation. This means that sex offenders who have a suspended sentence can have it reimposed. This is in addition to the punishment for registry violations. 

Sex offender violations in Ohio can have serious penalties. If you have questions about your responsibilities as a sex offender, you should contact a lawyer to learn more about your legal obligations instead of risking jail time.

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