Have you been charged with a Dayton OVI or DUI?  If so, you will receive a letter from the BMV and will need to know what to do.

This is called an Administrative License Suspension or ALS.  This is a BMV suspension you received from the police after being arrested for OVI or what is more commonly called a DUI in Ohio, and testing over the limit or refusing the test.

On a first offense in six years, a test over is a 90 day suspension and 1 year suspension for a refusal.  You will not receice the letter if your address with the BMV is not current.  Make sure that it is.

The notice of ALS suspension will will require you to send proof of insurance and pay a reinstatement fee.

The best thing with this BMV ALS related to your Dayton OVI is to wait to pay the fee until the end of the suspension.  If you refuse, there is a good chance that your case will resolve itself before one year.  If you tested, then your case might not resolve itself before 90 days.

In that case, reinstate your license at the regional reinstatement center near you (see the BMV’s website for locations and times).  Once reinstated, you will be able to drive unrestricted until the end of your OVI case in Dayton, Ohio.

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