My name is Robert Healey and I am a lawyer that limits his practice to OVI defense in southwest Ohio.  Currently I manage the DUI office in Dayton, Ohio, where I attended law school.  This blog is written by me to help potential clients in the Dayton area that have been charged with an OVI.

The top ways to defend a DUI or OVI case in Dayton Ohio involve taking evidence away from the prosecutor.  A lawyer can challenge the admissibility of evidence before trial.

If the prosecutor can’t prove the elements of the case, he can’t prove the crime.  That means not guilty.

Your lawyer will evaluate the facts of your case for defects in the evidence.  This is possible because police are people and they make mistakes.

The more mistakes they make and the sooner they make them the better.  Areas that are examined will be the stop, detention, field tests, arrest, Miranda warnings, statements, and chemical tests by blood, breath and urine.

These are the best areas to find flaws in the state’s DUI case.  If you cannot get rid of all the evidence, you still have the option of a trial.

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