You want a tough lawyer that can get going on your case.

Our criminal defense lawyers enjoy fighting tough cases that we can investigate.  Almost every case has something wrong with it.  It is usually just a matter of looking close enough at the facts.  When we are fighting a case that will not work out through negotiations we have to go beyond what is normally given to us by the prosecutor and do our own investigation:

  • We go to the police station and examine records.
  • We call witnesses.
  • We can hire experts and private investigators.

It can really be amazing what you can dig up if you put the effort in.

We also strive to continually educate ourselves on the developing case law and technology in the area of DUI and OVI defense in Ohio and the Dayton area specifically.  This will be especially important in the upcoming months since the police will be cracking down with saturation patrols to get drunk drivers off the roads.  Drive safe and drive sober.

Remember that being responsible does not mean not hitting something on the way home.  Avoid risk of being charged with a DUI or OVI in Dayton Ohio means not consuming any alcohol if you have someplace to drive.  Taxis are much cheaper than a DUI.

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