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When prosecutors charge you with a crime, the clock is ticking. The state only cares about one thing: convictions. They don’t care about finding the truth or your rights. 

If you have been accused of a crime, you need a Dayton misdemeanor lawyer from Suhre & Associates, LLC fighting for you. Our Ohio criminal defense attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of clients facing serious misdemeanor charges, and we can help you, too.

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How Can Suhre & Associates, LLC Help With Misdemeanor Charges in Dayton, Ohio?

How Can Suhre & Associates, LLC Help With Misdemeanor Charges in Dayton, Ohio?

Dayton misdemeanor lawyers at Suhre & Associates, LLC have taken countless misdemeanor cases to trial. This means our lawyers won’t freeze up – we know exactly what to do. The fight for your freedom will be an uphill battle, and you deserve an experienced, skilled legal team fighting for you. 

Our Dayton criminal defense lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience in criminal law. Our legal team has been recognized as top attorneys by Avvo, Super Lawyers, and The National Trial Lawyers.

When you bring us on to represent you, we can begin investigating your case and defending your rights. Some of the actions we may take include:

  • Fighting for your release on favorable bail conditions
  • Fully understanding your side of the story
  • Asserting your right to silence
  • Sending investigators out to find exculpatory evidence
  • Filing motions to suppress evidence
  • Fighting to prove your innocence at trial

Each case is different and requires a unique approach. This is why experience is so important. Suhre & Associates, LLC has the experience and aggression you want in your corner when your freedom and reputation are on the line.

Contact our team today in Dayton, Ohio, so our Dayton criminal defense attorneys can begin fighting for you.

What Are the Classifications and Penalties for Misdemeanors in Ohio?

A misdemeanor is any crime with a maximum penalty of a year or less in jail. Whether you are accused of a 1st degree misdemeanor, 2nd degree misdemeanor, 3rd degree misdemeanor, 4th degree misdemeanor, or minor misdemeanor, Suhre & Associates, LLC can help. 

The table below shows the maximum penalties for each type of misdemeanor in Ohio and a few examples of each. We understand how scary these penalties are, which is why we fight so hard to prevent a conviction to avoid these penalties. 

Unclassified MisdemeanorPenalties specified in unique statutesThird Offense OVI
First Degree MisdemeanorUp to 180 days jail; $1,000 fineMisdemeanor Assault; Petty Theft; Misdemeanor Drug Possession; First Offense OVI; Second Offense OVI; Misdemeanor Domestic Violence
Second Degree MisdemeanorUp to 90 days jail; $750 fineVoyeurism; Criminal Damage to Property; Resisting Arrest
Third Degree MisdemeanorUp to 60 days jail; $500 fineProstitution; Public Indecency
Fourth Degree MisdemeanorUp to 30 days jail; $250 fineDisorderly Conduct; Possession of Marijuana (<200 grams)
Minor MisdemeanorNo jail; $150 fineDisorderly Conduct; Possession of Marijuana (<100 grams)

This table is not comprehensive. In fact, many of the examples can be charged more or less severely, depending on the nature of the unique allegations against you. It is critical that you work closely with your criminal defense lawyer to understand how you have been charged and the minimum and maximum penalties you are facing. These should be included in the criminal complaint you receive in court. 

In practice, a first-time offender usually gets a much more lenient sentence that is not close to the maximum, while repeat offenders are sentenced closer to the max if convicted. However, the sentence is up to the judge, and it is impossible to predict what a sentence will look like in any given case if you are convicted. Certain factors, such as a victim who is harmed, can result in even a first-time offender receiving a sentence close to the maximum. 

It is possible to receive a fine or probation instead of jail for many misdemeanors. However, certain misdemeanors such as OVI / DUI have mandatory jail terms. 

What is Misdemeanor Probation?

Sometimes in misdemeanor cases in Dayton, Ohio, a lawyer is able to fight for a probationary sentence. They can do this if you are convicted or as part of a plea negotiation to keep you out of jail. 

Probation, also called “community supervision,” can come with burdensome conditions, but it is often preferable to jail time. It can allow you to continue caring for your family and maintain your employment. 

When you are placed on misdemeanor probation, it means you have been convicted of a crime. However, you typically do not have to serve a lengthy jail sentence unless you violate the terms of probation. The terms of a probationary sentence are at the judge’s discretion at sentencing. 

Some common conditions of misdemeanor probation include:

  • Alcohol and drug monitoring and testing
  • Community service
  • Maintaining employment or schooling
  • Attending substance abuse or mental health treatment
  • Meeting regularly with a probation officer

Failing to comply with all the terms can lead to rearrest and imposition of a jail sentence. It is very important to work with your lawyer to make sure you understand all the conditions of probation.

Probation is not right for everyone, and not everyone qualifies. However, if it aligns with your goals, our team is skilled at fighting for probation instead of jail. 

How Can You Defend Against Misdemeanor Charges?

Our Ohio criminal defense lawyers have the resources you need on your side to fight for your innocence. When you hire us, we will begin preparing your case for trial. Hiring aggressive trial lawyers like Suhre & Associates, LLC sends a strong message to prosecutors that you won’t be taken advantage of. 

Some of the defense strategies that have helped many clients in misdemeanor cases include:

  • Showing you were wrongly identified as the perpetrator
  • Arguing that police violated your Miranda rights so incriminating statements cannot be used against you
  • Arguing that police conducted an unlawful stop or search under the Fourth Amendment so that evidence must be thrown out
  • Proving that the state cannot meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt due to lack of evidence and inconsistencies

Of course, no two cases are alike, and the nature of the allegations against you will determine how we defend you. 

Defense Strategies for Misdemeanors

A key right that you have is the right to call witnesses in your defense. This includes eyewitnesses who have relevant testimony about the allegations. Our investigators are skilled at finding witnesses that police may not have bothered questioning. Other times expert witnesses may be needed to dissect forensic evidence. 

Suhre & Associates, LLC knows how to help you take advantage of the important constitutional right to present witnesses in your defense. 

In any case, we seek to do two things. First, we want to find the “smoking gun” evidence that you are innocent and actively prove your innocence to the jury. This is not possible in all cases, but it is always our goal. 

Second, we want to show the jury weaknesses and inconsistencies in the state’s case. If there is any reasonable doubt, the government cannot lock you in jail. This two-pronged approach seeks to cover all our bases and do everything possible to defend you. 

We understand how scary misdemeanor charges can be. When you hire us, you are not alone. Contact us today for help. 

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Being charged with a misdemeanor can threaten to disrupt your life and career. You have the right to an attorney under the U.S. Constitution. This right was created for good people just like you who have been caught up in a bad situation. Do not hesitate to make full use of the rights you deserve. 

Our Dayton misdemeanor lawyers want to fight for your freedom and reputation if you have been accused of a crime in Ohio. Our team of criminal defense attorneys has decades of experience in the criminal justice system. We will put it all to work for you.

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