Being accused of a sex offense in Ohio is a life-changing experience. As a defendant, it is crucial that you understand the laws surrounding sex offenses and registration, your responsibilities, and how to protect your rights.

You Are Not Personally Required To Notify Neighbors

Certain individuals convicted of sex crimes in Ohio have a duty to register as a sex offender. Additionally, as someone on the registry, you are required to participate in community notification processes. This means that the community where you live will be notified of your status. 

This includes notifying those who live within 1,000 feet of an offender’s residence, the top leader at the public children services agency, school offices, hiring leaders at private schools, and main staff members of preschools and daycare centers, among organizations and groups. 

However, you are not responsible for making this notification. Your local sheriff is responsible for making these alerts happen.

You Do Not Have To Notify Employers of Your Status

Additionally, you are not required to notify employers of your registry status. While it’s not legally required for you to inform your employer about past charges or convictions, almost all employers will conduct background checks. 

When they execute these checks during the hiring process or at any other time, your criminal history will likely surface. So while you don’t have to tell them that you are on the sex offender registry, they will almost certainly find out. 

Law Enforcement Has Prompt Notification Requirements

There are critical timelines attached to community notifications when an offender plans to move. Within five days of receiving a notice about the intended residency from an offender, sheriffs are required to inform specified neighbors and relevant law enforcement personnel. 

For all others who require notification, such as school officials or daycare centers, sheriffs must promptly alert them – no later than seven days after being informed that the offender plans to move into the community. 

Information That Must Be Included in the Notification

There is specific information that must be included in the notification when a defendant moves into a community. The individual’s name, address, and photograph are required to be shared. 

Additionally, details about the offense and whether the offender was convicted, pleaded guilty, or was adjudicated must also be stated. Finally, the notification must also include the tier of the offender – either Tier I, II, or III.

Duty To Keep Address and Employment Information Updated

In Ohio, people listed on the sex offender registry are subject to several key legal requirements surrounding changes in addresses, schools, or jobs. At least 20 days prior to any such change, they must inform their local sheriff’s department. 

Facing a sex offense charge and understanding the complex notification requirements can be overwhelming. Working with a criminal defense lawyer is essential for those accused of a sex offense for several reasons:

  • An attorney will explain your sentence to you. They’ll guide you through stringent rules attached to being registered and make sure you don’t unintentionally fail to comply. 
  • A lawyer can provide invaluable guidance when it’s time to be removed from the sex offender registry as well. They will help you file a motion and ensure all obligations are met.
  • If you need to move or change jobs, your lawyer can help you follow the notice requirements that go along with these changes.
  • If you fail to register for some reason, your lawyer can represent you and present a defense to try to keep you out of jail.

Having a skilled and experienced lawyer by your side can make a significant difference in your case’s outcome and ease the burdens associated with the legal process.Should you or someone you know require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a free consultation with a sex crimes defense attorney.

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