In Ohio, a driving under the influence (DUI) charge is a serious offense that carries many consequences. From license suspensions to jail time, being convicted of a DUI can have lasting effects on your life. But one of the most pressing concerns for many people may be the immediate financial impact of a DUI conviction in Ohio. So, how much does a DUI really cost?

Costs of Arrest 

If you’re arrested for DUI in Ohio, there are several associated costs to consider. First and foremost is the cost of being taken into custody by law enforcement. This may result in towing and impound fees costing a few hundred dollars or more, depending on how long it takes for you to retrieve your car.

Additionally, if bail is required to be released from jail, it could range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars – depending on how serious the offense is considered by the judge or magistrate who sets the bail amount. 

Fines and Fees 

The fines and fees associated with an OVI conviction in Ohio are substantial. Fines for first-time offenders can be more than one thousand dollars. In addition, license reinstatement fees must be paid after any period of suspension or revocation, currently set at $475. 

Additionally, those convicted of DUI may be required to pay additional related charges, such as court costs and probation fees.  

Third-Party Supervision 

In certain cases, it may be necessary to have additional measures of supervision if ordered by a judge, like an ankle monitor or the installation of an ignition interlock device. These are costs that must be paid by the defendant.

There could also be other costs, including drug and alcohol testing fees or even fees for counseling sessions if required by the court.

Increased Insurance Rates

Having an OVI on record can also cause auto insurance premiums to increase drastically. Additionally, many insurance companies have policies requiring drivers convicted of DUI to submit SR22 coverage, which is a certificate of financial responsibility proving that you have the required insurance coverage.

Attorney Fees 

Once the initial costs of arrest are paid, you will likely find yourself needing legal representation from an experienced Criminal Defense lawyer who specializes in DUIs. 

While hiring an attorney can seem like an overwhelming expense initially – especially after handing over cash for tow trucks and bail – it could actually reduce your overall fees if you end up avoiding a conviction. 

The Intangible Costs of a DUI in Ohio 

If caught driving under the influence in Ohio, you could face more than financial costs. A DUI conviction can have a lasting impact on your future opportunities and life.

Loss of Job Opportunities 

Having a DUI on your record can make it hard to find and keep employment in Ohio. Jobs that include driving as part of the job description will often automatically disqualify drivers with a DUI conviction.

Other employers may be hesitant about hiring someone with a DUI conviction, even when applying for jobs unrelated to driving. This means your chances of getting hired may still be diminished by the fact that you have been convicted of a DUI offense, no matter what type of job you’re applying for.

Difficulty With Loans and Housing

Having a DUI on your record can also make securing loans or housing in Ohio harder. Banks and other financial institutions run credit checks before providing loans or mortgages, so if you fall behind on bills because of the costs of a DUI, this will impact your credit and ability to obtain a loan or a mortgage. 

Additionally, landlords may be hesitant to rent out apartments or other housing units to those with criminal histories due to worries about the reliability of the potential tenant.

Contact an Experienced Dayton DUI Attorney To Protect Your Rights

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, working with a criminal defense lawyer immediately is important. An attorney can ensure that your best defenses are brought forward in an effective manner.

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