Building Trust ith An Alcohol And Drug Assessment

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

On your way back from the Vectren Dayton Airshow, you’re in an accident. Arriving at the scene, the police officers notice that you’re a little unstable on your feet, and decide to administer some sobriety tests, this may include breath tests, urine tests, blood tests, to mention some. You might have had a little to drink at the show, but you’re not intoxicated and you definitely don’t have an alcohol problem. Unfortunately, that’s not how the officer sees it.

Even if your charge is unfounded or you don’t have an alcohol or drug problem, it is likely that the prosecutors and court officials will lose trust in your ability to drive safely. The courts will do everything possible to protect the community from possible disaster, including imposing harsh penalties to restrict your access to the road. One great way to buoy up the court’s trust is to submit voluntarily to an alcohol and drug assessment.

Alcohol and Drug Assessment Overview

Your assessment will be conducted by a licensed counselor or physician, who will perform tests to determine whether you have a drug or alcohol problem. Through testing and exams, the person administering the assessment will also propose a treatment plan based on your situation. They can then follow up on your progress as you work through treatment and make adjustments as necessary.

The court will review the recommendations of your counselor and track your progress in treatment. Successful completion of the program can help convince prosecutors to reduce charges and increase the likelihood that judges will be lenient in sentencing.

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