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Are you scheduled for a sentencing hearing in Dayton, OH? This hearing represents a critical stage in the criminal justice process and an important right that you are afforded under state law. There may still be time to argue for a minimal sentence, and the criminal defense lawyers with Suhre & Associates, LLC, can help.

Our Dayton sentencing hearings lawyers have more than a century of combined experience, and our legal team includes former police officers and prosecutors. This means we have inside knowledge of how the opposition likes to try its cases, giving us a leg up when it comes to representing our clients.

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How Suhre & Associates, LLC, Can Help With Your Sentencing Hearing in Dayton

How Suhre & Associates, LLC, Can Help With Your Sentencing Hearing in Dayton

It may still be possible to protect your rights and interests if you have an upcoming sentencing hearing in Dayton, Ohio. Pleading guilty is one thing, but receiving your penalty is another. Your sentencing hearing could be the difference between spending time behind bars and receiving a lesser penalty, such as probation.

Hiring a Dayton criminal defense attorney is likely in your best interest when the stakes are this high. Suhre & Associates, LLC, is one of the most well-regarded criminal defense law firms in the Dayton area. Members of our legal team have been recognized as Top 100 Trial Attorneys by The National Trial Lawyers as well as Super Lawyers by the legal organization of the same name. When you choose us to represent you, we’ll get to work to:

  • Thoroughly investigate and research your case to arrive at your best course of action
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor to have your sentence recommendation reduced as much as is feasible
  • Representing you in full force at the hearing, ensuring that your constitutional and state rights are maintained and that your strongest arguments are put forward

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help with your sentencing hearing in Dayton, reach out to our law office today to set up a free consultation.

What Happens at a Sentencing Hearing in Ohio?

Section 2929.19 of the Ohio Revised Code describes how sentencing hearings work in the state. The statute states at the onset that sentencing hearings must be held when the criminal defendant was convicted of or pleaded guilty to a felony. They must also be held for some cases where resentencing is required after a case has been remanded.

The hearing provides the defendant an opportunity to argue for a lenient sentence. Depending on the offense(s) the defendant has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to, it is possible for the judge to impose a sentence that requires no incarceration. 

However, some crimes mandate that a prison sentence be imposed. Nonetheless, it is possible to argue for as low a prison sentence as is permitted under the law.

Who Will Be Present at the Sentencing Hearing?

The following people may be present at a sentencing hearing in Dayton:

  • The defendant (you, if you were the one who was convicted or pleaded guilty)
  • The presiding judge
  • The prosecuting attorney
  • The criminal defense attorney
  • If applicable, the victim or their representative 
  • Any other person with pertinent information as approved by the court

This last category could be crucial and beneficial to your defense. The team with Suhre & Associates, LLC, will be sure to look into whether there is anyone who could help your case at the hearing under this category once you hire us.

What Do Judges Consider at Sentencing Hearings?

The judge can consider a wide range of evidence and documentation at a sentencing hearing in Dayton, Ohio. This includes the following as provided for under Section 2929.19:

  • The entire case record
  • Any information appropriately presented at the hearing
  • If one was made, the presentence investigation report
  • Any victim impact statement, if applicable
  • The age of the offender, especially if they were a minor at the time the crime took place
  • The family and home environment of the offender
  • The circumstances of the crime that was committed
  • Whether the offender was incompetent due to youth
  • Examples of the offender’s rehabilitation

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can use these categories to provide substantial evidence that could turn the tide of the sentencing hearing. 

Why Should I Hire an Attorney To Represent Me at a Sentencing Hearing in Dayton?

An attorney can help to have your sentence drastically reduced at the sentencing hearing if at all possible. The judge has the ability to consider new information that might not have been presented thus far in the case. With sufficient lead time, a lawyer can hire experts to analyze your case and possibly unearth new information that could work in your favor.

Consider as well that if you were represented by a public defender in your initial proceedings, they might have needed more time to dedicate full attention to your case. Depending on the area, public defenders can be heavily overworked and can have caseloads in the tens to hundreds at the most extreme. 

Having a fresh set (or sets) of eyes to look at your case could prove beneficial, especially if that involves a comprehensive investigation into all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your charges. At the very least, it is worth reaching out for a free consultation to see whether we might be able to help. Our criminal defense law firm has a track record of success and experience you can trust.

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If you have a sentencing hearing coming up in Dayton, Ohio, you might be able to argue to have your sentence significantly reduced. The skilled Dayton sentencing hearings attorneys with Suhre & Associates, LLC, have successfully represented clients facing the state’s most serious criminal offenses. We can do the same for you; call today at (937) 813-6895 to set up a confidential, no-charge case evaluation.

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