The hard seats of the police cruiser don’t do anything to soften the ride or ease your worries. Depressed, you glance out the window as you drive past the green fields of the Miami Valley Golf club. It has been a few years since your last arrest, but you still remember the huge headache of dealing with DUI charges. Breathing a heavy sigh, you rest your head against the window and close your eyes.

If you are facing a DUI charge and are already carrying a past conviction, you might encounter some unexpected surprises. In Ohio, the severity of a DUI is increased based on your past record. That means that multiple convictions can bring harsher penalties and more strict treatment from prosecutors and judges.

Ohio DUI Laws on Past Convictions

In most situations, any DUI conviction within the past 6 years can count against you. If you refuse to submit to a breath, urine, or blood test, convictions which occurred up to 20 years ago can be taken into account. The penalties for multiple DUI convictions can include increased jail time, bigger fines, longer license suspension and probation, the loss of your vehicle, and others.

Some judges and prosecutors may be lenient for first-time offenders. They may be more willing to reduce charges or limit penalties for individuals with no past record but will be much less accommodating when you have a past conviction. With a past conviction, you are less likely to get a deal from the prosecutors, and judges are much more likely to apply the maximum penalty in sentencing.

An Attorney at Suhre & Associates Can Help

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