The best way to be found not guilty of an OVI is to fight the case.  The best way to fight an OVI is to hire an attorney that limits his practice to that area in Dayton, Ohio.

You will need an OVI attorney that has enough training and experience to know when to fight.  Not all cases should be fought.

A great lawyer will continently evaluate the case and give you updated advice about your chances of success.  No lawyer can tell you before a case begins whether you can win or not.  A full evaluation of the facts needs to be completed first.

Any OVI attorney with some experience fighting cases at hearings, motions, and trials will tell you that there is no predicting from the facts, reports, and videos what a police officer or witness will say on the stand under oath.

There is a tremendous amount of pressure that can cause even the most seasoned officers to say the most unusual things.  This is one way that a great lawyer will expect to better your position in a case that you are fighting.

I find that my best weapon in fighting cases as an OVI attorney is being prepared and well versed in the facts of the case.  I strive to be more familiar with the case than the police officer that was there, the prosecutor that is trying to convict you, and the judge that is going to find you guilty or not guilty.

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