Who reads anything anyway? You should.  Especially where it relates to a letter to drive from court.

That is what you get when a court grants limited driving privileges on a suspension in Dayton, Ohio for DUI, OVI, or other offense.  If you don’t make sure you leave court with proof of what the judge said, you are at risk for being arrested and criminally charged.

The letter to drive will be what an officer asks for when he pulls you over.  Officers will often be able to see the vehicle you are driving was connected to a DUI arrest.

Sometimes the clerk or BMV fail to update the records.  That means that even though the court said you can drive, the police and BMV might not know that.

The paper you are supposed to be given in court by the clerk once you are granted privileges is very important.  That is why it is best that you read it to make sure it is correct.

Make sure you get it.  Make sure you read it to verify it is correct.

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